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Technology-based companies are accounting for a majority of the growth in the “new economy”. Moreover, these companies are partnering with research universities for talented people, new knowledge and innovative technology. As the only comprehensive research university in the state of Arkansas, the U of A is recognized both nationally and internationally for its research programs in health, nanomaterials, energy and the environment, food safety, and supply chain, retail and transportation.

The University is well equipped to support the competitive position of firms by enabling companies to produce higher-quality, lower-cost products and implement more efficient processes through the application of University expertise and developed technologies. In addition, the University of Arkansas Technology Development Foundation (UATDF) is responsible for assisting companies in identifying and accessing University of Arkansas faculty expertise and research centers, in order to foster University-industry research partnerships. Personal attention is given to company representatives to assess their technical needs and facilitate linkages to appropriate University of Arkansas resources.

We invite you to share your interests and needs with us by calling our office or contacting us by e-mail. The UATDF can assist you in arranging discussions, technical assistance or visits with key researchers in areas of vital interest to your company.

Central Analytical Lab
High Performance Computing

Modeling, simulation and data-driven science are central to basic research and product development in many industries. HPC plays a pivotal role not only in virtual prototyping for product design and manufacture, but also in business services such as the exploration for new energy sources, evaluation of complex financial arrangements and instruments, and production and delivery of entertainment media (movies, games, music and television). The availability of high performance computing capacity and expertise are essential to build the competitiveness of any region aspiring to be a leader in technology and knowledge-intensive industries. Computational capacity is also critical for businesses as they transform basic research into innovative products. Learn more about the Arkansas High-Performance Computing Center at:

Stable Isotope Lab
Statewide Mass Spectrometry Facility

Mass spectrometry is a powerful tool allowing quantitative analysis of complex biological systems. The University of Arkansas Statewide Mass Spectrometry Facility is charged with providing sophisticated mass spectrometry support to academic, government and industrial researchers. Learn more about the capabilities of the Statewide Mass Spectrometry Facility at: