Prospective Affiliates

Big ideas need plenty of attention to reach their full potential. That’s why at the Arkansas Research and Technology Park (ARTP) we are building a dynamic environment where innovation can flourish. Through value-added service offerings, coupled with leading-edge facilities and research infrastructure, ARTP provides technology intensive companies a rich source of advantage in commercializing new technologies. We invite you to explore this site to learn more about how we can help your company cultivate big ideas.


The Arkansas Research and Technology Park serves as a bridge between the commercial interests of its corporate partners and the considerable resources available through the University of Arkansas. Corporate partners of the ARTP benefit from access to a rich pool of talent, new knowledge and innovative technology which translates to a competitive advantage. Equally important, the ARTP is able to support the competitive position of firms by enabling companies to produce higher-quality, lower-cost products and implement more efficient processes through the application of University expertise and developed technologies. In that regard, ARTP staff assist companies in identifying and accessing University of Arkansas faculty expertise and research centers, in order to foster University-industry research partnerships. Personal attention is given to company representatives to assess their technical needs and facilitate linkages to appropriate University of Arkansas resources.

ARTP Advantage
Corporate partners of the ARTP are afforded a special category of relationship with the University of Arkansas through an Affiliate Program. Members of the Affiliate Program are entitled to visit and use the University of Arkansas libraries, to purchase supplies and books from the University Book Stores, to utilize University Dining Services, membership in the University’s on-campus fitness facility, invitations to scientific, technological engineering, humanities, artistic and cultural lectures, seminars, and workshops sponsored by the University, access to students, faculty, facilities and equipment, opportunities to serve as guest lecturers and adjunct professors, and access to University classes at a discounted rate.
Collaborative Community
In simplest terms, the plan for the ARTP is to stimulate the formation of a collaborative community of companies, together with University faculty and students, linked interdependently in research and development. Staff of the Technology Development Foundation work to assure that corporate partners of ARTP are both vertically integrated with the University in order to leverage the intellectual assets of a major research university and horizontally integrated with other members of the ARTP community for the sake of strategic partnering.
Core Competencies

The University of Arkansas is recognized both nationally and internationally for its research programs in:

1. Health—chronic disease, health care delivery, health and wellness and health policy

2. Nanotechnology—nanomaterials, nanolubricants, drug delivery systems and nano-circuits

3. Energy and the Environment—power devices, petroleum, photovoltaics, biomass, green initiatives and environmental policy

4. Food Science and Safety—food safety, food quality, nutrition and food policy

5. Supply Chain, Retail and Transportation—supply chain, distribution, logistics and multi-modal transportation


The concept of an Innovation System recognizes that new product development doesn’t occur in isolation, but is the result of a complex network of interconnected parts that place emphasis on the processes driving innovation and the flow of technology and information. From proof-of-concept to commercialization, each of the facilities in the ARTP plays an important role in advancing new technologies to the marketplace.

At a Glance

• Two campuses to support Research and Development and Assembly Manufacturing

• West Campus (72.4 acres)
• East Campus (54.3 acres)

• Three multi-tenant facilities and three multi-disciplinary research facilities comprising approximately 285,000 square feet of R&D capacity

Public/Private Partners
• 30 public/private affiliates
• Over 20 University of Arkansas research centers, institutes and laboratories

• Approximately 350

Master Plan

A project the size and scope of the Arkansas Research and Technology Park has community wide implications. Therefore, to assure that the overall project is well coordinated and integrated into the fabric of the surrounding community, a set of design guidelines has been adopted to steer development:

1. Creating Community—ARTP creates an environment that fosters interaction.

2. Smart Planning—Buildings are clustered to minimize walking distance.

3. Gateways—convey a compelling public presence.

4. Wayfinding—Establish direction and a sense of place.

5. Walks and Trails—Connect to the City of Fayetteville’s master system of trails.

6. Outdoor Dining—Provide venues for interaction and relaxation.

7. Outdoor Spaces—Create positive outdoor space including plazas and courtyards.

8. Natural Beauty—Preserve opportunities for contact with nature.

9. Green Reserve—Preserve and enhance existing wooded areas.

10. Waterways and Steams—Incorporate existing water features as amenities.

View the Master Plan.